Saturday, 26 May 2012

A picture of me wandering through the ruins of the old Innocenti factory in the Lambrate area of Milan alongside an image of the complex during production. In the RH shot GP (dL) 150s roll off the line while finished models including J Ranges and Lambros await delivery to customers. In the LH shot I wonder how such a huge and important industrial complex could have been allowed to close. British Leyland's usual incompetence coupled with declining scooter sales, militant unions and government inaction.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Looking out from under the Auto Strada flyover which disects the old Innocenti factory site on a rare sunny November day in Milan. This is looking away from the city at one of only 2 of the major structures which still remain. This one is derelict whilst the Innse building next to it is alive and teeming with workers. I suspect this building is where Lambretta and Lambro assembly was done after the various parts were pressed, foundered and painted in other buildings which once stood behind where I am standing and now long gone.

Friday, 4 May 2012

This fabulous photo has appeared many times on the web but very few people seem to understand it's signifacance. Probably taken in 1968 during the final SX150 (not SX200 as many have claimed!) production, it appears to be a delegation being shown a new model. The photographer has no doubt been told not to get any of the new models details in shot but click on the photo to blow it up and you will see that it is the new dl or Grand Prix (in the UK, Australia etc) model.The bike they are looking at seems to have the tell tale square headlight and angled seat of a GP150 (as it is white and red) but look at bottom right behind the legshields of that SX - a pre production set of GP panel stripes is clear to be seen along with the black plastic tail lamp. A great moment in time shot of a group of people (probably importers from a foreign market) invited to the Innocenti factory to preview the new Lambretta model while in the background production of the new bikes continues, the Ochre Yellow of a GP200 clear to be seen.